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This is a sound board for those who want to leave a comment or story about Michael Strange who died in combat in Aug of 2011, or those who would like to leave something regarding the non-profit organization that is the Michael Strange Foundation.

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10 Responses to "TESTIMONIALS"

  1. Nick D:

    I did not know Michael personally, but I have had the honor of helping put together this memorial/foundation website. I have been humbled by the things I have seen so far and I am grateful that America still has young men like this, that are willing to risk it all and defend not only our freedoms but our future freedoms and way of life. I want to thank the family of this great individual for letting me contribute and be a part of this process. I hope this site helps you carry on Michael’s memory and helps in turning the foundation into what you invision it can and should be. May Michael and his fallen brothers in arms rest in peace, and may his legacy live on through this foundation.

    If you have something to add about Michael or would like to leave a little something for others please click on the comments below to leave a comment. Please do not leave anything inappropriate, the website administrator reserves the right to take down any comment or post deemed offensive or inappropriate.

    ~ Nick D
    USMC – 2d Bn 4th Marines / 1997-2001

  2. Anonymous:


  3. Joe:

    Thank you and your family for your service. May the lord watch over you always. God Bless Michael and our men and women overseas.

  4. Jared Brennan:

    Never met Michael before, but met his father Charlie at the Taste of Key West here in Ridley Park at the fundraiser for the Michael Strange Foundation. We only spoke briefly and I had the chance to thank him for Micheal’s service and sacrafice for our freedom. They say the apple never falls far from the tree, so I know now that Michael must have been a strong person. God’s speed and love to his family and friends. May the Foundation become a constant reminder to those who benefit everyday because of Heros like Michael and may it give his family an avenue to heal and help others. Please keep me informed of future Foundation events, would like to continue to support and help.

  5. Ken Austin:

    I was honored to meet Michael’s father, Charlie, at a weekend retreat for spiritual growth and just want to say thank you to Michael for his service and sacrifice and to Charlie for the moving forward as best as possible in the aftermath of losing his son. Charlie, your work with helping other families is an inspiration and would make your son proud. Aho!

  6. Mike Duffy:

    I will always remember Michaels good nature and sense of humor… He exercised a degree of courage with humility that few will ever know… God bless the strange family…

  7. Earl Steve Forbes:

    I met Michael when he was just a young boy, I didn’t know then that this very same young man would put his life on the line for not only me but for the whole UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I will never be able to tell him now just how much I love, honor and respect him for what he has done…Michael my friend and my Hero you will never-ever be forgotten. God bless the entire Strange family for raising such a couraguse young man.His father is one of my closest friends and I cant even begin to feel his pain…I see the sorrow inside of him…We all need to realize just what these young men and women are laying on the line for us, FREEDOM DOES NOT COME FREE…We need to remember that…We need to remember the families that have layed down such a cost…My heart goes out to the Strange family, I am honored to have once met your son & brother … I will not ever forget what it has cost your family for my freedom..Maybe one day I will have the chance to thank Michael.. Until then I salute you.

  8. Sean Carpenter:

    Our nation mourns for the loss of great heroes like Michael Strange, please accept my humble thanks for the ultimate sacrifice that your family has paid. We can never repay your loss, only honor his memory.

  9. Tom Riddle:

    First I would like to express my Deepest Sympathy to the families of our Nation’s Fallen Heroes.

    I personally didn’t know Michael as a young man, but Have known His father for over 23 years.

    Charlie I’m sure they would say:

    “Death is only a temporary separation, and in it they say to all their loved Ones, Family, Friends and Countrymen, We will all meet again soon. Until then remember we have loved you All. Keep in your hearts and memories a special place for all who serve in the United States Armed Forces, and never forget the sacrifices they make out of their love for you.”

    Written with a painful heart.

    Tom Riddle

  10. Teresa Compton:

    Reflecting the grief in Michael’s father’s eyes,I met him at the AMC movie theatre with my granddaughter,I remembered the same look in my grandmother’s eyes when she talked about my father’s brother Robert Conlon Army Inf WWII killed in action on the island of Luzon. My heart felt sympathy to you and your family. TEC

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